Water Resources

To complement our core Geotechnical services, our Water Resources Engineering department provides added capabilities for projects where design requires focus on both earth and water. Our services in the Water Resources discipline include hydrologic assessments; flood protection; hydraulic modelling for design and assessment of bridges, hydraulic structures, open channels, and reservoirs; drainage assessments and environmental protection designs.

  • Hydrologic Assessments
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Bridges, Culverts and Hydraulic Structures
  • Flood Protection
  • Drainage Assessments
  • Environmental Protection

TREK Hydrologic Assessments

Hydrologic Assessments

Detailed hydrologic assessments include a range of catchment areas from watershed scale for floodplain management to small local drainage areas for the design of bridges, culverts and drain infrastructure. Hydrologic analysis supports the design of water supply reservoirs (extreme event analysis), mine tailings ponds or storm retention basins. Typically, these services are provided as part of hydraulic design and assessment processes, however stand alone assessments can be undertaken to support facility planning studies.

TREK Hydraulic Modeling

Hydraulic Modeling

The detailed hydraulic analysis and assessment of waterways - small and large, is fundamental for the numerous applications including the assessment and design of flood protection infrastructure, riverbank erosion protection, design and assessment of bridge and culvert structures and the design of hydraulic structures including dams and gradient controls. TREK can provide the necessary hydrotechnical services required to develop detailed hydraulic models to carry out the a wide range of hydraulic assessments. Our background and extensive knowledge in water resource management and hydrotechnical design facilitates the development and application of these models to the hydraulic assessment and design of challenges presented by our clients.

Hydraulic modeling analysis and design services include:

  • Floodplain Modeling
  • Dam Safety (Dam Break Modelling)
  • Transportation Infrastructure (Bridges, Culverts)
  • Drainage Infrastructure (Channels, Weirs, Level of Service analysis)
  • Fish Passage / Fish Ladder Design
  • Storm Water Management (Drainage Plans & SWMM Model Development)

TREK Bridges, Culverts and Hydraulic Structures

Bridges, Culverts and Hydraulic Structures

Our staff are specialized in the hydraulic design and assessment of new or replacement bridges, culvert structures and hydraulic structures. Past experience by the staff include the design of small single span bridges up to large multi-span bridges, concrete box culverts, large diameter concrete and corrugated steel culverts and the design of gradient control structures. The assessments typically include a hydraulic survey of the project sites with complete topographic and bathymetric data collection to enable the development of comprehensive hydraulic models which support the necessary hydraulic assessment for the project.

Hydrotechnical design includes the provision of recommendations for ice loading to enable the design of bridge piers and shoreline structures to resist static and dynamically applied loads due to ice sheets and floes.

TREK Flood Protection

Flood Protection

Our staff are experienced in analysis and design of flood protection infrastructure. This includes extreme and typical hydrologic events, models to predict flood inundation zones, and hydraulic design of new or upgraded flood protection structures such as: dikes, gates, weirs, pumps, diversions and erosion protection measures. We also provide geotechnical services related to the design and construction of flood protection measures.

TREK Drainage Assessments

Drainage Assessments

TREK can provide assessment and design of rural drainage infrastructure. Our services include coordinating necessary site surveys, estimation of runoff discharges, preparation of plan-profile drawings, the assessment of existing drainage capacity and detailing the required drainage upgrades in channels and piped conveyance infrastructure.

TREK Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

TREK Hydrotechnical provides support to systems which protect the riparian environment. These protection designs are applied to river bank and shoreline erosion protection, site erosion and sedimentation control plans (at construction sites, bridge abutments and culvert installations). Best management practices (BMPs) for Erosion and Sediment Control are applied from a collection of industry standards, provincial regulations and client-specified BMPs.

Included in the environmental protection are preservation of fish passage conditions, provision of navigability clearances, and analytic support for assessment and protection of aquatic habitat.