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Building developments require continuous involvement from geotechnical engineers, from the onset of site characterization through to the completion of foundation installation. TREK has a team of experts that have substantial experience with all geotechnical elements of industrial, commercial, and residential building developments. Our engineering team has respect for project constraints and schedules and addresses geotechnical matters in a timely fashion. We are proficient in the design and construction of building foundations, floor slabs and pavements, as well a temporary excavations, backfilling, compaction and materials testing requirements. We understand the difficulties associated with constructing building additions and their impacts on existing structures as well as complexities related to underpinning existing structures. Our past experiences give us the knowledge to provide quick and smart solutions to common problems associated with building construction.

Our services related to the Buildings sector include:

  • Sub-surface investigations and laboratory testing
  • Design and construction of foundations, floor slabs, retaining walls, pavements
  • Impacts of additions on existing structures
  • Assessment of existing building foundations
  • Underpinning
  • Temporary excavations
  • Site drainage
  • Shoring
  • Backfilling and compaction
  • Materials testing
  • Demolition of existing structures
  • Impact of construction on existing structures
  • Tender preparation and review, advisory construction services
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Dynamic load testing (PDA testing and CAPWAP analysis)
  • Static load testing programs
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Remediation and Decommissioning
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Environmental Impact Assessments

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