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We are pleased to announce that Dyregrov Robinson Inc. (DRI) has been acquired by TREK Geotechnical Inc. effective May 1, 2023.

DRI’s roots extend back nearly 39 years ago, to June 1984, when Alv Dyregrov and Neil Burgess formed Dyregrov and Burgess to provide geotechnical engineering services in Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.  In 1989, Neil left to pursue other interests and Alv carried on the business as Dyregrov Consultants. In May 2010, Gil Robinson joined Dyregrov Consultants after receiving valuable mentorship from Alv when UMA Engineering (now AECOM) was collaborating with Alv on projects including the Manitoba Hydro Downtown office project and the Winnipeg International Airport Site Redevelopment project. The company was subsequently renamed to Dyregrov Robinson Inc ( Since 1984, DRI and the predecessor companies have worked on over 4700 projects.

The principals at TREK and DRI have long-term relationships dating back to the 1990’s when many were attending the University of Manitoba together in graduate studies. Over the years many of the engineers in both organizations worked together on projects such as the Red River Floodway expansion. Since the emergence of TREK in 2010 and the on-going work of DRI, our firms have worked together on a number of projects including the Bi-Pole 3 Keewatinok Converter Station in northern Manitoba.

Many of our existing clients are served by both TREK and DRI and these services will be continued through TREK Geotechnical Inc. (  Gil Robinson will continue to provide senior geotechnical engineering for DRI’s past and current projects and will continue with TREK as a senior engineer responsible for project direction and to mentor engineering staff so that the knowledge, skills and experience gained by DRI since 1984 can be preserved and passed on for future generations to learn from.

DRI and TREK are excited about this opportunity and we very much looking forward to continuing to provide high quality engineering services to our clients for years to come.