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We’re thrilled to announce that TREK has acquired EGE Engineering Ltd., which now adds environmental engineering to our service offerings. EGE’s staff bring substantial environmental engineering expertise with 30+ years of experience throughout Canada. Please join us in welcoming Larry and David as the leaders of the Environmental Group, as well as professional engineer Mr. Andrew Passalis and environmental technologist Mr. John Palson!

Working in Canada’s North:

Although less than one percent of Canadians live in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, these northern regions comprise almost 40 percent of Canada’s land mass. About half of Canada is underlain by permafrost ranging from a few centimeters thick at the southern extreme to over 300 m in the Far North.

Now Offering Geotechnical Engineering, Concrete and Aggregate Testing Services locally in Brandon Manitoba

Burns Maendel Consulting Engineers Ltd. and TREK Geotechnical Inc. are excited to announce a new partnership that brings geotechnical engineering and materials testing services, offered directly out of BMCE’s Brandon, Manitoba office.